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My name is innocent, but my friends call me singa4real, i am a programmer from Nigeria. I can help you achieve your programming needs using mobirise free website builder, i have some mobirise blocks, extensions, exported projects and some server side plugin for you and i will be adding more with time, download and use it to make your web design and development projects faster. dont forget to drop some donations to encourage my programming ministry..

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what we can do

Our services

Design Blocks

We specialized in designing of unique mobirise blocks that stand in test of time, You can always bank in us to deliver a jaw droping mobirise design block 

Mobirise Extension

Developing of mobirise extension is part of our services, we can help you build a white label tailored mobirise extensions that is made for your need.

Exported  Project

Are you a non-coder or newbie to mobirise, with get your back covered, as we can build and give you an exported project that siute your need.

Mobirise Plugins

With our new server side plugin intergration with mobirise, we can now build a server side plugin that can be intergrated to your mobirise page.

Code Writing

Are you  finding it difficult to write a programming code that will handle a task, worry yourself no more, because we are equal to the task.

App Logic formulator

Do you have any idea, you want to convert to an application, just let us know your idea and we will guide you in making it a rearlity within short possible time.


We will like to hear from you.

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